Thursday, December 13, 2007

4 month old photo session

Gwen turned the big 4 months old on December 5th! Since I wasn't happy with the professinal pictures we just had taken I set up a little studio of my own and let her play. She LOVED it! As you can see she was having a blast. In the picture above she looks like the she would be quite the chubbers, when actually she is only between the 50th and 75th percentile for all ; length, weight and head size. She was 14 1/2 pounds and 25 and some old inches long at the 4 month check up. She is overall an extremely happy baby (except for last week- from the day after she got her shots and it lasted for about 3 days)! We had some of the side effects that are common with routine vaccines. Thank goodness those times are past and she is back to her happy go lucky self. I hope you enjoy looking at, as much as Gwen and I enjoyed taking, some of the other photos from our at home photo session!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Grandma Di's Birthday

My mom, otherwise recently known as Grandma or Grandma Di, celebrated her birthday. On Friday November 30th she turned the big 5 -5! To celebrate we hosted a taco dinner at our house. Yes, that's right, another taco dinner. If you are new to reading our posts see happy birthday Jamie in September to understand the taco experience. This time we did not almost burn the house down. Instead we enjoyed our time. The only one that had it rough was little Gwen. She decided to cut her 2nd tooth that day and was again quite fussy. That's right not even 4 months old and we cut the second tooth!!! What an over achiever. We all had a great night and hopfully grandma did too!


Last weekend Appleton got hit with a lot of snow. It was really pretty to see, but definitely not pretty to drive in. On Sunday Gwen got her first feel of snow. We got her all dressed up in her very own snowsuit and brought her out to see what all that white stuff was. We watched it come down on Saturday and now we were going to check it out. Here are a few shots of Gwen and her first snow experience. She really liked being outside.


Sorry it has been so long since our last posts. A lot has happened since then including Thanksgiving. The whole day was a very nice relaxing (and at times a sleepy - see picture) day. For the morning we went over to my Aunt Sue and Uncle Mark's home for lunch. Gwen was able to meet some of my cousins and their daughter Ava. It was also Ava's 1st birthday so we had some birthday cake too. I can't believe how fast they grow, before we know it Gwen will be that age!

In the afternoon my mom had our family over for a nice dinner. I love the time when we are all together just being able to sit around and chat. Boy o Boy the stories that come up!

Another really cool thing happened on Thanksgiving....Gwen cut her first tooth! This explains all the fussiness and drooling. That's right, not even 4 months old and we have teeth. I have been trying to get a picture of it but getting a not even 4 month old to open her mouth and pose for a picture is as hard as it sounds. As soon as I get one I will post it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Firsts

Today we had some new firsts! Gwen sat in her highchair and ate some cereal out of a bowl with a spoon!!! This was an experience for the both of us. Gwen got the hang of it pretty fast and within the first couple of bites she knew she had to open her mouth when the spoon was there. She didn't eat much, as you can see most of it laned outside the mouth. But she did eat some which I think is GREAT. For the first time I think she did a wonderful job. I, on the other hand need more practice at this feeding thing. Jamie doesn't know it yet but I think I am going to have to practice on him with a spoon. I don't know how to put it in the mouth. How do you drive a spoon? Do you put it in straight and pull out straight? Do put it in straight and the kind of turn it up when exiting? I have no idea... and as of the feeding today I now think Gwen knows that too!!! Overall it was a fun experience and I am lookig forward to doing it again soon.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Uneventful November

For the most part November has been uneventful. We have been hanging around home. We have been keeping busy with things around the area. Recently, I have gone back to work full time. This has been harder than I thought it would be. One of the first nights that I had to put in long hours at work Gwen rolled my mom's. Missing something like this is hard emotionally, but it is getting easier every day. Since that first time she has been rolling over often. The first time she did it at home we caught it on video. This will be something fun for Gwen to see when she gets older.

Both Jamie and I have had the run of sicknesses. Two weekends ago Jamie was sick Wednesday thru Sunday and I was sick Sunday thru Wednesday. That made for some long days. The weekend we were sick Joanne, Jamie's mom, came up on Sunday to hang out. (See picture of Gwen and her hanging out watching the Packer game)

This past weekend we traveled to Oshkosh to celebrate Aunt Meaghan's 29th Birthday. We spent the afternoon and evening there eating and watching the Badgers and Packer's kick some Minnesota A**.

We are all excited for Thanksgiving. Gwen's excited to be starting some solid foods in the upcoming days. I am excited to do some day after Thanksgiving shopping and Jamie, well he is just excited. We will post how the rest of the week goes with all the excitement.

Here are some pictures of Gwen all bundled up in her car seat now since it is so cold these days, and some of time with mom and dad. Check out those eyes! She gets these huge eyes when she sees the camera in front of her...It's HILLARIOUS!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gwen's 1st Halloween!

Halloween was a lot of fun! Just look how cute she is ~ cute enough to eat. And those cheeks!!!

We were able to visit some family but not for long before Gwen started getting fussy, she was waken up from a nap to get dressed and head out. Then she was getting hungry and tired while at my parents so the night was cut short.
P.S. Grandpa's favorite candy is the Tootsie Roll, coincidence? I think NOT!

Brian and Vanessa's wedding

On Friday October 26th Jamie stood up as a groomsmen in his cousin Brian's wedding. The wedding was in Crystal Lake, IL. This was the first time Gwen left Wisconsin and got to stay in a hotel. What an experience! The drive alone was an adventure. What was supposed to take 2 hours and 45 miutes turned into an over 4 hour trip. Thank goodness Gwen slept...the WHOLE time. It was amazing, she did so well. The trip could have been high stress with a husband drivng and taking "detours" and a screaming daughter but whitout the crying it made the "detours" not so bad. When we finally got to the hotel we realized there was a dog show there so there were dogs everywhere! The people next door to us had 3 themselves. It was a nice hotel so I was suprised they allowed animals even for something like this. The wedding was a lot of fun and it was nice to see people we haven't seen in awhile. Jamie and I didn't get to do all that much together since he was standing up and all but Gwen and I had a good time. We even danced together, it was fun. She did really well the whole trip. She slept good in the room (we brought her pack n' play) and on the drive to and from Illinois. She didn't make a noise during the service and slept through the dinner. It was PERFECT! We didn't go swimming because I want to wait until she is a little older with all the chemicals in the water and her sweet skin. Over all we had wonderful time but we have decided we need a mini van. You need to bring a TON of stuff when you have a baby.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Today was the big day....Baptism. I was really nervous that she would cry or scream in the middle of church, but she did amazingly well. She didn't make a peep the whole time! She was awake and happy. She looked beautiful in her gown and bonnet. She only threw up once...right during the part infront of church and it all landed in the holy water in the baptismal font!!! That was the only glitch and it was even quite funny! Go figure...Gwen Puke?! She never cried even when the water was put on her head.

After church we had some family and friends over to our house for lunch. We were worried a few weeks ago that it would be too cold outside. Even to the point of discussing renting big heaters. Well, that sure wasn't the case! It was about 85 and humid today. It seemed like the hottest day in a LONG time....we should have discussed fans! We had more food than we knew what to do with. It was all so good! We will definitely be eating these yummy leftovers.

It was a wonderful day. Thanks to all that were part of it, especially Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meaghan for being Gwen's God Parents and my mom and dad for all the help putting the day together.

Here are some more pictures. I will post more as we get more. (I don't know how to rotate some of them..sorry. If you know how to do that please let me know.)

Mommy and Daddy Time

Here are a couple of pictures of Gwen just hanging out with dad and mom. The pictures of her and Jamie are with her new teddy blankie. She likes it against her face. The pictures with mom were taken tonight while watching the Packer game. She was tired from the long day of Baptism and her party.


Saturday September 29th was Octoberfest in downtown Appleton. Gwen, Jamie, my mom, my dad, Ryan, Meaghan and I went down in the morning to the craft portion of the avenue and did some shopping. We all found some goodies. Gwen got to wear her fall apparel since it was a little brisk out early in the day. We were having a really good time. Unfortunately, we only got to spend about 1 1/2 hours there before we had to get back on the road in order to get to the wedding on time. Next year I want to make a day of it!

Here is Gwen in her fall apparel. She was SO cute and did really well.

Brewer Game

On Friday Sept. 28th Jamie and I made the trip to Milwaukee to see what happened to be the determing game for the Brewers (not the outcome we hoped for) for part of Jamie's birthday present fom me. It was not a very exciting game, except for the fence hoppers in the first inning. We had some pretty good seats so it was a great veiw of the game. Jamie was able to see some of his favorite players. It was a great to get away for a while and overall a really fun night.

We were going to stay in Milwaukee for the night since we had a wedding there on Saturday, but me being the "mom", I wanted to go home and see Gwen and go to Octoberfest with her. See the next post.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sittin' Pretty!

On Tuesday we tried out Gwen's Bumboo chair and she loved it. As you can tell she looks so old in the chair, sitting up and all. Makes me sad to see her growing so fast. We took her out after a few short minutes, not because she didn't like it but because I didn't like seeing her look so old. I always have to remind her that she is still a baby. She likes to not sleep like a baby (only sleeps about 2 hours all day...should be more), doesn't lay still like a baby (she likes to constantly be moving), not eat food like a baby (we need to have cereal in the formula), and not easy going like a baby - she has a temper (or what grandma says as a distinct personality) at 6 weeks, and now trying to sit like a big girl. But she did look cute doing it!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!

Today is Jamie's 29th birthday. What an old man, huh?!
Lots of celebrations are taking place. Last night we went out to dinner with his mom, brother, brother's girlfriend and our niece at Red Robin. Jamie didn't know we were meeting them there, so it was a great suprise. Tonight we are celebrating with a taco dinner at our house. Then on Friday we are going to the Brewer Game (just the two of us...Gwen is staying with Grandma and Grandpa). I am excited to give him his presents so hopefully he will like them! I will update with pictures as they come.

Love ~ Kelly


Jamie says he had a wonderful Birthday! I think the pictures say he liked his presents! His favorite is obviously the one shown in the pictures below (his authentic Ryan Braun jersey). I thught he would be really excited for the game we are going to friday, but now I am dealing with him watching and yelling at the t.v. since he wants the that game to mean something. Who knew men could get so worked up by a sporting event on television. I didn't know what I was getting myself into!
The rest of the night was a lot of fun. Oh yeah...I just about burned the house down when making the taco shells. No big deal, only about 4 foot flames (literally). We were really lucky we were able to put it out. Jamie has also mentioned that he won't let me live it down, I guess I deserve that. Yes, we did have enough shells even with the fire episode.

Gwenyth Ryane Konkle

Here is a recent picture of our little Gwen. She just turned 7 weeks old...can you believe it is 7 weeks already, yet I don't remember life without her...crazy! At our last appointment she was 10 pounds 3 ounces (almost two weeks ago now). She is growing good. Her eating has gotten alot better...knock on wood. She is definitely the apple of all our eyes.
Her newest facination is the Lion mirror above her changing table. When she sees it she goes crazy. She kicks her legs really fast, waves her arms while smiling and talking to him. If is such a fun thing to watch. She is starting to smile at things now including people. It is a lot of fun watching her interact with things.


Monday, September 24, 2007

A what site?! Did you say Blob? No Blog!

Well, this is something new for me but I thought we would give it a try. My cousin Missy and friend Kristine both have a blog and I LOVE looking at them so I thought with the birth of Gwen it was a perfect time to attempt one. I am not very good with technology, or know much about it so hopefully it will work out. I am going to try to put pictures of Gwen on here so if some show up you will see I figured it out, if not well...I gave up and went to bed. goes nothing.