Sunday, October 7, 2007


Today was the big day....Baptism. I was really nervous that she would cry or scream in the middle of church, but she did amazingly well. She didn't make a peep the whole time! She was awake and happy. She looked beautiful in her gown and bonnet. She only threw up once...right during the part infront of church and it all landed in the holy water in the baptismal font!!! That was the only glitch and it was even quite funny! Go figure...Gwen Puke?! She never cried even when the water was put on her head.

After church we had some family and friends over to our house for lunch. We were worried a few weeks ago that it would be too cold outside. Even to the point of discussing renting big heaters. Well, that sure wasn't the case! It was about 85 and humid today. It seemed like the hottest day in a LONG time....we should have discussed fans! We had more food than we knew what to do with. It was all so good! We will definitely be eating these yummy leftovers.

It was a wonderful day. Thanks to all that were part of it, especially Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meaghan for being Gwen's God Parents and my mom and dad for all the help putting the day together.

Here are some more pictures. I will post more as we get more. (I don't know how to rotate some of them..sorry. If you know how to do that please let me know.)

Mommy and Daddy Time

Here are a couple of pictures of Gwen just hanging out with dad and mom. The pictures of her and Jamie are with her new teddy blankie. She likes it against her face. The pictures with mom were taken tonight while watching the Packer game. She was tired from the long day of Baptism and her party.


Saturday September 29th was Octoberfest in downtown Appleton. Gwen, Jamie, my mom, my dad, Ryan, Meaghan and I went down in the morning to the craft portion of the avenue and did some shopping. We all found some goodies. Gwen got to wear her fall apparel since it was a little brisk out early in the day. We were having a really good time. Unfortunately, we only got to spend about 1 1/2 hours there before we had to get back on the road in order to get to the wedding on time. Next year I want to make a day of it!

Here is Gwen in her fall apparel. She was SO cute and did really well.

Brewer Game

On Friday Sept. 28th Jamie and I made the trip to Milwaukee to see what happened to be the determing game for the Brewers (not the outcome we hoped for) for part of Jamie's birthday present fom me. It was not a very exciting game, except for the fence hoppers in the first inning. We had some pretty good seats so it was a great veiw of the game. Jamie was able to see some of his favorite players. It was a great to get away for a while and overall a really fun night.

We were going to stay in Milwaukee for the night since we had a wedding there on Saturday, but me being the "mom", I wanted to go home and see Gwen and go to Octoberfest with her. See the next post.