Thursday, December 13, 2007

4 month old photo session

Gwen turned the big 4 months old on December 5th! Since I wasn't happy with the professinal pictures we just had taken I set up a little studio of my own and let her play. She LOVED it! As you can see she was having a blast. In the picture above she looks like the she would be quite the chubbers, when actually she is only between the 50th and 75th percentile for all ; length, weight and head size. She was 14 1/2 pounds and 25 and some old inches long at the 4 month check up. She is overall an extremely happy baby (except for last week- from the day after she got her shots and it lasted for about 3 days)! We had some of the side effects that are common with routine vaccines. Thank goodness those times are past and she is back to her happy go lucky self. I hope you enjoy looking at, as much as Gwen and I enjoyed taking, some of the other photos from our at home photo session!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Grandma Di's Birthday

My mom, otherwise recently known as Grandma or Grandma Di, celebrated her birthday. On Friday November 30th she turned the big 5 -5! To celebrate we hosted a taco dinner at our house. Yes, that's right, another taco dinner. If you are new to reading our posts see happy birthday Jamie in September to understand the taco experience. This time we did not almost burn the house down. Instead we enjoyed our time. The only one that had it rough was little Gwen. She decided to cut her 2nd tooth that day and was again quite fussy. That's right not even 4 months old and we cut the second tooth!!! What an over achiever. We all had a great night and hopfully grandma did too!


Last weekend Appleton got hit with a lot of snow. It was really pretty to see, but definitely not pretty to drive in. On Sunday Gwen got her first feel of snow. We got her all dressed up in her very own snowsuit and brought her out to see what all that white stuff was. We watched it come down on Saturday and now we were going to check it out. Here are a few shots of Gwen and her first snow experience. She really liked being outside.


Sorry it has been so long since our last posts. A lot has happened since then including Thanksgiving. The whole day was a very nice relaxing (and at times a sleepy - see picture) day. For the morning we went over to my Aunt Sue and Uncle Mark's home for lunch. Gwen was able to meet some of my cousins and their daughter Ava. It was also Ava's 1st birthday so we had some birthday cake too. I can't believe how fast they grow, before we know it Gwen will be that age!

In the afternoon my mom had our family over for a nice dinner. I love the time when we are all together just being able to sit around and chat. Boy o Boy the stories that come up!

Another really cool thing happened on Thanksgiving....Gwen cut her first tooth! This explains all the fussiness and drooling. That's right, not even 4 months old and we have teeth. I have been trying to get a picture of it but getting a not even 4 month old to open her mouth and pose for a picture is as hard as it sounds. As soon as I get one I will post it.