Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas 2007~ Gwen's 1st Christmas

We have been extremely busy for the last few weeks, like I am sure many of you were too. On top of having the typical holiday celebrations we have also seen friends from out of the country, over come sicknesses (and still fighting), undecorated and rearranged three rooms in the house, went back to work, attended a funeral, and tried to take in every possible last momemt of 2007 and ring in the start of 2008.
My very good friend from High School, Kristin, was back in the country from Austria for a few weeks and she hadn't been here since her wedding in June. That means that she hadn't met Gwen until this trip. It was really exciting sharing our precious Gwen with her. We were able to spend some time together and hang out like old times. She recently headed back to Austria and we will see her again in August. By then Gwen will be almost 1, wow!!! Have fun in Autria Kris and see you in a few months. Miss you and get your *&# back to the states.
All of us in the house have been fighting some illnesses for awhile not but we are finally on the up swing. I first started now feeling well Friday December 21st. That only lasted a few days and was doing a bit better over Christmas. Gwen was the next one to get sick on the Friday after Christmas. She had been a little stuffy and rosy cheeked but we just thought she was getting some more teeth. We had been giving her Tylenol but that Friday night she got hit very hard with what turned out to be an upper respitory infection. We brought her into the emergency room that night since she was having a hard time breathing and had a very high temp. They checked her lung by doing a chest x ray (if you never have to watch them take a chest x ray of an infant be glad- it was aweful) and that came back clear but due to the severity of her symptoms we had an appointment with our pediatrician the next morning. He also confirmed that it was an upper respitory infection. He said that her temp could continue to spike for a days but should be feeling better with in about 5-7 more days. We had 2 humidifiers plugged in at all times. She was on tylenol and did spike the temps just like the doctor had said. We were continuously sucking out her nose just so she could breath. It was really scary being the first time she had been sick. Jamie and I camped out on her floor both Saturday and Sunday nights just so we would be close by and could keep up with the tylenol and sucking as needed. She wasn't sleeping well either, we were lucky to be getting about 20-30 minutes between her waking up due to stuffiness. That weekend both Jamie and I had then gotten sick so we stayed around home and tried resting whenever possible. Jamie started feeling better that week but mine is still lingering. That Thursday we took Gwen back in to the pediatrician because she still was not doing well. Now she had developed a bad cough and was still spiking some really high temps even 7 days after going to the emergency room. We then found out that she has an ear infection. She wouldn't let him look in one of her ears come hell or high water. He said that was fine since he was able to see the infection in the other ear so he could start her on meds even with not seeing in that ear. He was guessing that she did have it in that ear too and that being the reason she wouldn't let him see in it. Either way, if it was a single or a double he treats it the same way. So now we are just finishing her 10 day course of antibiotics and she is finally getting back to herself. Jamie is doing fine, back to himself (just hoping not to catch anything back) and I am still fighting. I went to the doctor this week because I knew I didn't have just a cold and I was right, I have a sinus infection which they gave me antibiotics for (the same on they had Gwen on) ~ She was really sick and that was aweful. I have a wicked cough and a tight chest but I can handle that. I would be sick any day then have to watch Gwen be sick again. All in all. Gwen was sick for 19 days, Jamie about 5 and I am going on 3 weeks.
We took our dying Christmas tree down last weekend (and put all those presents away - we didn't know if we would find room for them all - see picture) and cleaned our house so whatever was hanging around in it that was making us sick would be gone. In that process we decided to rearrange our living room, dining room and playroom.
After the nice long vacation both Jamie and I had we went back to work and tried getting back into a routine. But I was only back for one day then had to take some sick days then again went back for one day before I took some time to attend my good friend Holly's (from middle school) Grandmother's funeral. Grandma had lived with Holly and her parents for a few years so in that time I was able to get to know her very well. Holly and her husband Jason were then home for a few days and we were able to spend some nice time together.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas. We were able to spend some nice family time together. On Christmas Eve we went to church with my mom (my dad was called out of town for work but was able to meet up with us in time for dinner), brother and sister-in-law before we went to my grandma and grandpa's (my mom's mom and dad's) for dinner. We had a nice dinner there and was able to spend some time with my cousins and their significant others who mostly live out of town. It is always a nice time to see everyone and watch the family grow. After dinner we went back to my parents to exchange gifts as an immediate family. Like always we were beyond spoiled. This year we had to make a couple of truck loads back to our house with all the presents. I don't know how Gwen is ever going to play with it all! Later that evening we stopped out at my aunt and uncles home where we had a short time to see them. We found out that My cousin Craig (finally) proposed to his long time girlfriend Susan. We are so excited for them and Susan will make a great addition to the family. Congratulations to Craig and Susan! After we were done there we headed home to catch what we could before we started the celebrations on Christmas Day. For Christmas Day we spent most of the day at my parents. We had breakfast there and then relaxed most of the day and then went home to spend some quality time as a family Christmas night and Gwen opened her gifts from mom and dad and from Santa! This completed the evening and for the most part the Christmas Holiday. We didn't travel to Manitowoc this year on Christmas day due to us celebrating there the weekend before. On the Saturday prior to Christmas we celebrated with the Vraney's which is Jamie's mom's side. We stayed over that night and then did his immediate family that Sunday. We watched the Packer game there, had some pizzas and then started what turned out to be a nerve racking drive home. This was due to the bad weather on Sunday that made driving conditions horrible. We were very happy and relieved to finally reach home safely that evening. So our Christmas celebrations lasted 4 days but they were 4 very nice days.

Finally the pictures ~~~
Gwen and Olivia (her cousin)

Gwen opening some presents

Me, Gwen and Olivia

Gwen, Great Grandpa and Ava

Gwen and Mom

Aunt Meaghan, Uncle Ryan and Gwen