Monday, February 11, 2008

Kelly's Birthday Vacation

For my 27th Birthday Jamie suprised me with a trip to Florida. We went from February 1st - 4th. We went to Orlando and stayed with our friends Tom and Jen. We jammed the weekend full of activites. On Friday we went to the "City Walk" at Universal. We had dinner that night at Margarittaville followed by hitting some bars and watching an awesome performance of dewling pianos at Pat O'Briens. On Saturday we went to Disney, rode the monarail and shopped at Downtown Disney before we went to dinner and played Dominos back at their place. Sunday was the Big B-day and for that we went to Sea World all day up until the Super Bowl. On the way back to their place we throught we would run into Wal-mart to pick up a pizza and some drinks. Tom and Jen both mentioned how risky this would be since this Wal-mart isn't the ideal store for people like us to be stopping by, but with the time crunch and thinking that it would be a quick stop we took that risk. Well maybe we shouldn't have!!! When we parked the car Tom actually got out of the car and ran into the store only to continue running the whole way. Our stop was making record time. Yet on the way out of the store we witnessed some Black men (about three) on top of a white man, in the middle of the road right in front of the door we were walking out, throwing what looked like some punches and putting some handcuffs on this man. We found the quickest route to the car and vowed to never visit that Wal-mart again. Monday wrapped up the vacation with more shopping, sitting in the sun and site seeing before we caught our flight at 6:00pm.

~The Highlights
1. The Weather (85-90, everyday)
2. Disney / Sea World
3. Shopping

~The Bummers
1. Leaving Gwen
2. Leaving Gwen
3. The food
4. It went too fast

Gwen sleeping

So with the Holidays behind us we were all tired. Gwen was so tired one night that she was able to fall asleep just laying on Daddy's stomach. Maybe that means with the Holidays we added some extra "Padding" to the stomach area?! Either way...It was so cute seeing her sleep like that.

Packer Game

Jamie and a couple friends were able to get some tickets to go to the last Packer Game! At first I was really jealous but after the weather came in and they ended up losing I was okay with staying home. He and his friends had a good time even with the brutal cold.