Monday, May 26, 2008

The Long Overdue Updates

It has been a long time since we posted last. We have been busy, busy, busy!!! Gwen is definitely keeping us busy. She is 9 months old and on the GO! She has 1o teeth...working on #11 and 12. She likes to crawl all over the place, puch her walker and wagon as well as cruise the furniture. Just this weekend she stood by herself for a bit without holding onto anything. She is getting into EVERYTHING. She likes doors, cupboards, drawers, closets, laundry, dog kennels, dishwasher, etc. You name it she has tried it. She has NO fear.
Lately her new things are dancing to music and pulling everything out of the cupboards. This weekend Jamie and I went to Menards and bought locks and corner cushions. We put the corner cushions on the end table (which we should have done when she first started pulling up on things 2 months ago... but better late than never). We had them on for about a whole hour before Gwen bit them off. So much for putting them on. Who knows what she is going to do once the locks go up. I have a feeling she is going to do anything to get to the tupperware (see pics of Gwen and her sidekick getting in to trouble in the cupboards :) ).

Two of the cutest things she has started doing is mimicing us and giving kisses. About 2 weeks ago I had a little cold which entailed a bit of a cough. After a few days of having a cough Gwen started coughing too. I thought she might be coming down with the cold as well. Come to find out that wasn't the case. She was just mimicing me. Anytime I cough (now it isn't real anymore...I do it for pretend) she coughs back. Along with the cough is the kissing. I will tell her to give mommy a kiss and she will plant a big, wet, open mouthed kiss on my cheek. I love her kisses. Oh yeah, she will only do this when SHE wants to.

Other updates. Gwen has found a new love for dolls. She carries this one particular "Dolly" around with her and sleeps with her.(see the pic she is also sleeping with her glow baby, it can be a crowded crib, but anything to help her sleep when teething so hard). She is waving back to people when they wave hi and bye. Saying words like mama, dada, nana and baba. At her last appointment (which was her 9 month appointment on May 7th) she weighed 20 pounds (with a wet diaper on). She was about 65 % for weight and height. She is slowly getting hair (it seems all her concentration is one growing teeth), but it is coming in nice.

Baby foods are becoming a thing of the past. Lately she is not wanting jared food anymore. She likes real food, especially if she can feed herself. The new foods she likes are toast, hotdogs, yogurt, pudding, beans, pasta, chicken and crackers.
It is so much fun!!! She seems to amaze us every day.

As for mom and dad... I am coming to an end with After School programming. I am getting ready for summer. I am the coordinator for the summer school program at our school. Other than that I started a part time job working concessions out at the ball diamond where Jamie is umping. Jamie is same old, same old. He is still working at his job in Green Bay and started his summer part time job of umping. We are ready for the weather to stay nice so we can get some work done in the back yard and finish our driveway.
Thats about it for now...we will try to make more regular posts.

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diane said...

Gwen, you are a little cutie!
Love Grandma Di