Thursday, October 2, 2008

You thought we forgot...well kind of

Where has the time gone?! It has been a long time since we last updated anyone on Gwen or our lives. Gwen is now almost 14 months old (she will be on the 5th of October). She is definitely on the GO!!! She climbs on everything, gets into everything and of course has a strong personality. (She must get that from her daddy) She is now an expert on making certain animal noises including the dog, lion, duck, cow and camel. She can also do the Monster! She likes to do the motorboat (really an undescribable experence to witness). She has a favorite morning routine of watching Baby Badger (a Wisconsin Badger video of "Raising Tomorrow's Wisconsin Fan Today". She likes this video so much that on any given day we need to watch it twice. Since this routine started she has noticed and called attenion to anything Wisconsin colored or has Bucky on it. I guess there is more of it around than I ever thought, she sure knows how to find it all. The other night she woke up in the middle of the night just screaming and crying, she did this for almost an half hour before we brought her in our room. As soon as we walked in there she stopped crying and pointed to the T.V and said her version of Baby Badger. We turned it on and all the crying stopped. We wathced it through and off to bed she went, like nothing ever happened. This movie is heaven sent. They do counting (showing jersey numbers), colors (only red, white and red & white), show the marching band, and go through Wisconsin traditions. It is so cute.

As for the rest of us. Jamie turned 30 last week. I started a new school site this year. Kobe got taken (we did get him back -long story!) and Lucy...well she started having seziures. Other than that we are doing nothing. Trying to find time to be together and relax. I will try and remember to update this more often ... so look for upcoming posts.